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Auto Ingress Commission Booking

Install & Commission Request Form

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  • Project Name:
  • Site Address:
  • Number of Doors to Install:
  • Number of Doors to Commission:
  • Requested Date and Time of Works:
  • Handover/ Practical Completion Date:
  • In order to complete works in a timely manner, Auto Ingress would appreciate the following:
  • - A minimum 7 working days must be allowed between the submission of this form and the requested date of works. Auto Ingress will try to accommodate but cannot confirm availability for works if sufficient notice is not provided.
  • - This lead time may increase during peak times; please ensure you place your request with ample time to spare if works are of a time sensative nature or are critical to your project.
  • - Extra charges will apply for any works required outside of standard buisness hours and the requested date and time will be subject to availability.
  • Booking Submitted By:
  • Contact Phone:
  • Contact Email:
  • Site Contact Name:
  • Site Contact Phone:
  • The site contact will be required to provide the following:
  • - Access to site on the requsted date and time so works can be performed
  • - Advice on the desired switch and sensor locations (to suit the end user's specific requirments)
  • - Advice on the desired final operation of the door (to suit the end user's specific requirments)
  • - Final sign-off on all works if deemed to be completed to their satisfaction
  • Onsite Induction Time and Contact Details:
  • Additional Presite Requirements:
  • Minimum Site Requirements
  • If required, has a pre-wire been completed?
  • Is permanent power available for the automatic operator(s) onsite?
  • Does site have finished walls upon which switches and sensors can be fitted off?
  • Have the doors been hung and the floor guides installed (for commission only jobs)?
  • Can the doors be moved freely by hand (have they been installed mechanically correctly)?
  • - If any of the above 'minimum site requirements' are not yet available or will not be available by the requested date of commission, please contact us before submitting your commission request.
  • - If the technician arrives onsite and finds that the minimum site requirements have not been met, or that site is not ready for any other reason, additional charges will apply for re-attendance.
  • I from confirm that I understand all of the booking requirements and conditions above. I also
    confirm that the information I have provided on this form is accurate.
  • Signature:
  • Date:
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